Bruce Peru: Educating Street Kids
Update: Huaraz, Peru, May
Since last reporting we have entered into an affiliate relationship with the Peruvian Ministry of Education in Huaraz - we are opening one of our schools inside an existing State School (under our new affiliation) - we are preparing teachers provided to us by the Ministry - we continue to recruit out-of-school-children and unread adults (mostly teen moms) - and two past volunteers have offered to raise funding for this school.

1 - Secure the "Convenio"
(Terms of affiliation: Bruce Peru with the Ministry of Education).

2 - Open a Bruce School
within the largest
State in Huaraz
(April 28. 2009)

..3 - Work with teachers at the Ministry of Education in preparation for utilizing our method of teaching unschooled children and young adults.

..4 - Contact and recruit young
out-of-school children plus older children and young adults who missed their opportunity to get educated when they were of school entry age.

4a - On our last day in Huaraz our friends at the Ministry arranged Radio and TV interviews so we could address a wider audience of children and their parents, inviting them to take advantage of the only free education available.

5 - Funding for a project which has no way to sustain itself was offered by Beth and Chris, 2004 directors of Huaraz, (who never stopped supporting the children): donated the first operating cost and will raise funds in the USA to sustain the school.

History of the Bruce Peru project in Huaraz (w/interruption)

June 2004
Bruce Peru project opens at Damaz Altunez 782 in front of the Belen park in the centre of Huaraz.

The 11 room centre housed
- classrooms for street kids
- a soup kitchen for street kids
- Social workers & Psychologist
- office & staff accommodation
- A clothes bank for poor children

Our record in Huaraz
Since opening in Huaraz we believe we have been running the only project capable of recruiting, preparing and launching out-of-school children into a life of education. Each year we were open we recruited, prepared and got
into the National Education system approximately 50 children.

How two Huaraz volunteers continued helping the kids. Below is an example of what Chris and Elizabeth Saunders have been doing for some of the children from Bruce Peru Huaraz nearly every year since 2004.
Note: The brief video and photos here were taken 04.2009 by Bruce and are fairly homespun. Chris and Beth have much better images recording their annual visits to Huaraz to - among other things - look up past Bruce Peru children and find out how they are getting on, buy spectacles for this one, something else for another: generally to give a gift and affection to every child and to make certain every one is continuing with his or her education. This year they gathered a group of our ex students and took them up to a mountain guide's post for a picnic and games We hope to replace these photos with theirs when they get back to Philadelphia and can send them.

Video showing Beth & Chris in action.
Baby Carly: meet some old friends.
Into far barrios, checking every child.
Huaraz kids passing muster.
In enter the search phrase "Educate Street Kids". Result: often several of the first 10 returns will be pages to do with our work.
Note: For mothers who are too desparately poor to let their children stop working and go to school, we have projects to help them earn their own living so their children no longer have to work in order for the family to survive..